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10k run, fun was had!

Hello everyone and thank you for tuning into my first blog! Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to CycleExchange and 139 Coffee for our event on Sunday. If you missed it, we organised a 10k Fun Run, starting at Barnes and finishing in Kingston Upon Thames at CycleExchange.

We had 40 people join us in the slightly wet conditions but Fun was had and running we did. We turned up at 139 Coffee for a re-fuel and to talk about Deaf Awareness. If you don’t already know, I’m deaf and have started training for my dream of participating in the Deaflympics 2021.

I am a deaf blogger, athlete and want to raise awareness to the difficulties faced by people with Disabilities integrating into Society. Do you know how difficult it is for people with Disabilities to contribute and feel worthwhile."

I want to work, I want to contribute but it’s so difficult to find anyone willing to give me opportunities to work so, I have to make my own way. In life when you keep hitting barriers you have to make your own ladder to get over the barriers. You can’t wait for people to provide one for you…

Anyway, back to the event, Matt from @CycleExchange donated me a beautiful bike to aid my training and I’m very grateful for such kindness. My passion is Triathlon and Iron Man competitions. Training for these disciplines is difficult because they are multi-faceted but also, because they are expensive. Getting a good bike is expensive, joining a gym with swimming pool is expensive and joining a club and the organisations such as Deaf Sport all takes money.

As I increase my training, I will sign up for various Iron Man competitions to validate myself as an Athlete and nothing helps an Athlete like competition. You can see where your level is compared to others and where I need to improve. So, watch this space for future events and would love people to come along and support me!

Events such as these will obviously be hearing or able-bodied people which will bring its own difficulties but I’m determined to achieve my goals and look forward to documenting my journey for all of you…

Any and all support is greatly appreciated! GoFundMe

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