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  • Connor Ahern

'Front Foot Running'

Today I want to talk about front foot running. 

What exactly is front foot running? Most people land on their heel or the middle of the foot when they run. Front foot running is when you land on the front of your foot.

You might be surprised to know that this is better for you as you are less likely to get injuries, especially in the sensitive knee and Achilles areas which people who run regularly often injure, sometimes having chronic pain or recurrent injuries in those areas. Another benefit of front foot running is that if you practice, you can run much faster using this style. Many famous professional athletes like Usain Bolt run this way.

I started becoming interested in running at school and was encouraged by my coach who gave me a basic explanation of the best way to run. Later, I did research and watched many videos to educate myself further and this is when I really learnt about front foot running.

It's always important to warm up first before you run. You can warm up by doing a slow jog then building up speed. 

When you are switching to front foot running, start very slow and only do a minute or so at a time then slowly build up as it might feel strange at first and you could actually injure yourself by attempting to change your running style too quickly and not doing it properly.

If you want to learn more, you can Google "front foot running". 

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