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Hitting the ground running

Winter is over and Spring is in the air… it’s time to hit the ground running as I begin training towards my dream of participating in the Deaflympics 2021. Hi guys, thank you for joining me on my first training blog of 2020. I’m Connor a future Deaflympian and I want to share my story with you as I start my preparations for the Summer of 2021.

Originally from South Africa, I’ve been living in London for a year now - doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! I’m very lucky to have the fabulous support of my brother and my close friends every step of the way. So join me as I begin focusing my efforts on my gym exercise regime.

So introductions, meet Alan my personal trainer at my local gym, who really knows how to put me through my paces. He has designed a program specifically for my needs. This includes weight training, with a variety of machines, free weights, kettlebells and battle rope exercises.

As well as a good old cardio workout. Which believe me really makes you sweat. But as they say, no pain, no gain!

Join me next time for more updates as I train towards the next steps of my journey. I am really looking forward to taking part in the 21K run in Pembrokeshire on the 25th April 2020.

Please remember any and all support is greatly appreciated. GOFUNDME Thank you and catch you next time.

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