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Ideas for a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is important especially for people who do a lot of exercise as it can give you energy. I try to eat healthy every day.

For breakfast, I usually cut up an apple and peel an orange and put them both in a bowl. I then put in Greek yoghurt with honey. Sometimes I eat first thing in the morning but if I am planning to go for a run in the morning, I will run first and then eat afterwards. 

As a freelancer I sometimes get up early and go to my local Starbucks in Tower Bridge Plaza, the staff are very deaf friendly, to get a caffeine boost while going through my emails and tasks for the day.

I usually eat lunch about 2pm. I often cook chicken thighs drizzled in olive oil in the oven for thirty minutes. I season these with salt, pepper and powdered ginger before putting them in the oven. To accompany the chicken, I make a salad with lettuce, avocado, feta cheese and I make a dressing with vinegar. I sometimes heat up a seeded wrap in the microwave for 30 seconds. I slice the chicken and assemble the wrap with the chicken and salad inside it and then I'm ready for lunch! 

Sometimes I go for a run or work out in the afternoon - I exercise at different times each day. It is important not to exercise straight after eating as you will feel sluggish so I always wait a while.

For dinner, my meals vary everyday. I like spaghetti or other kinds of pasta with pasta sauce and a mix of vegetables. Other days I might have beef with rice or perhaps beef stew with mashed potatoes. I also like fish. I tend to eat a lot of animal protein. 

I don't eat many snacks but I think it's important to treat yourself in moderation. In the evenings after dinner I often have a coffee with a chocolate biscuit to dunk into it. I would recommend cutting down on unhealthy snacks if possible.

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