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London Fields Triathlon Club

A few weeks ago I went to London Fields Triathlon Club’s weekly running club at Victoria Park. It was a fantastic experience with a very welcoming coach who had never worked with a Deaf person or sign language interpreter before but was very enthusiastic and open-minded. 

After my interpreter and I arrived, we introduced ourselves to the other people who had come along to train. The coaches introduced themselves also.

We practiced the correct running technique which is an upright chest and raised knees as you run so you can breathe easily and avoid injury.

We started slowly running lengths to practice this technique under the keen eye of the coach who assessed us to make sure we were doing it properly. Some people found it quite difficult. Once we had the technique down, we began to run faster. 

We were asked to go around the track twice as a group, running in intervals of fast then slow.

After a quick water break, we were split into two groups so we could keep appropriate social distance as we ran. We then did a 4 kilometre run in our smaller group of 8 participants. 

I really enjoyed the experience and returned a couple of weeks later to the club, this time at Finsbury Park at a lovely running. This was a similar format to the previous club with some different exercises. The main section involved running for 4 minutes with 90 seconds rest, which was repeated four times. I was exhausted by the end!

I would highly recommend being part of a club like the London Fields Triathlon Club if you are interested in running.

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