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My travel experiences

I love to travel but I haven't had the chance to do much so far. I moved from South Africa to London but that wasn't a holiday, that was to live here. My first proper overseas holiday was actually earlier this year just before Coronavirus lockdown in March. In actual fact, I was in Australia when the British government enforced a lockdown here and I was actually stuck Australia for an extra week or so because my flight was cancelled and I had to wait to be rebooked on another one.

I traveled to Australia with my brother for my aunt's wedding. The wedding was supposed to be in New Zealand as my aunt's husband is from there but that wasn't possible so the wedding was held on the beach near where they live in Manly, Sydney. It was a beautiful sunny day and there was lots of drinking and dancing. The groom's relatives even did a haka, the traditional warrior dance of New Zealand. I got quite sunburnt being out in the sun all day!

Whilst we were staying in Manly, I took the ferry to visit Taronga Zoo. There were lots of cool animals there like lions and leopards but they were rebuilding some of the enclosures so some were empty.

We went out for dinner and drinks near Sydney Harbour Bridge. It looked beautiful at night time. 

I hope one day I can visit Australia again. Next time I would love to go to New Zealand also. I would also love to visit places in Europe like France and Italy. It's also been a dream of mine to go kite boarding on a small island somewhere in Europe. Hopefully I can start to blog more about my travel experiences in future. 

I really hope that safe international travel is possible again soon once Coronavirus is under control. 

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