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“Running through lockdown 2.0 - St Paul’s Cathedral”

As we go into lockdown again in the UK due to the Coronavirus, I have decided to stay positive and keep focused on what’s important to me, and that means staying healthy both physically and mentally. I’m going to continue running but this time I’m going to run to famous London landmarks and even though my first run was a short one from Tower Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral, taking just 20 minutes to run 5K I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Here are a few interesting facts:

  1. In 2019, the number of visitors amounted to approximately 1.72 million.

  2. Even though construction started 345 years ago in 1675 it wasn’t until 1708 that the last stone of the Cathedral’s structure was laid on 26 October 1708.

  3. Yet the first service had already been held in 1697 – a Thanksgiving for the Peace between England and France.

  4. In 1723 when Sir Christopher Wren died at the age of 91 he was buried in a simple tomb in the crypt.

  5. You can take a virtual tour of St Paul’s Cathedral here: Virtual Tour

  6. Once lockdown is finally over you can visit in person so check-out the free access events as well as Audio Description Guides and British Sign Language Guides.

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