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Connor Ahern: My story, my life so far and where I'm going...


I was born suffering from persistent foetal circulation which is a life-threatening condition in new born babies with a very low expectation of survival. After, spending five weeks in intensive care, I left the hospital having had half a kidney removed and lost my hearing.

Looking Back

Fast forward 18 years and another life altering event took place during the night of the 20th August 2017, a fire broke out at my friend Jason’s home while I was staying. Due to the nature of my burns and the smoke inhalation I was put into an induced coma for 24 hours. After three surgeries, eight days in IUC and eleven days in a general ward, I was released on the 7th September. That was two years ago, and in between more heartache was to follow... My best friend Jason passed away. So, I want to dedicate my journey to Jason and I will keep fighting and overcoming hurdles all the way!

My Big Brother by my Side!

"Dreams for a hearing, able-bodied person are aspirations that may or may not happen. If you are Disabled then dreams can feel like your only way to affect Society"

Moving Forward

'All Things Sport' is the name of my blog and my way of sharing my dream of participating at the Deaflympics 2021. Even before the starting gun sounds, I have faced many barriers but I'm still here fighting. Sometimes the obstacles frustrate me, the inability to communicate frustrates me but with the right support I know I can achieve my goals and participate in in the Deaflympics and more importantly, participate in Society.

I was born in South Africa and use South African Sign Language (SASL) the Deaf Community in the UK use British Sign Language (BSL), to be able to communicate within the deaf community here and communicate with hearing people in the UK (via Interpreters) I need to learn British Sign Language. I need equipment to train for the Triathlons, I need to compete to validate myself as an athlete and all these things cost considerable money!

These are my hurdles, I have overcome many so far in my short life and I will overcome these, so enjoy the ride with me and any support is greatly appreciated...


"If you would like to support my dream of participating in the Deaflympics 2021, please visit my GoFundMe page."

To be able to compete in Triathlon competitions and train for the Deaflympics 2021 I need equipment and entry fees. To be able to document my story and continue my blog I need assistance and to continue fighting for inequalities of main stream vs niche communities I need your help...

Please contribute whatever you can, no one knows how much difference a single pound can make! GoFundMe

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